Advanced Opportunities for Idaho Students

BYU: Your Partner for Overload Courses

Are your students eager to go the extra mile? Idaho’s Advanced Opportunities (AO) program offers students a way to get ahead and take advanced courses at no cost to the student’s family. Students can even be rewarded for early graduation. BYU Independent Study (BYU IS) is an approved provider of overload courses and has served hundreds of Idaho students over the past six years.

What is “Advanced Opportunities”?

Idaho students with a full credit load are eligible for free overload courses. Overload status is determined in the term of online course enrollment (at least 12 credits per year). This rule applies to students in grades 7–12. Homeschool students who are dually enrolled in Idaho public schools may also be eligible for state-funded overload courses. State policies make it beneficial for students to get ahead in their education.

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Overload Courses from BYU IS

BYU Independent Study offers many AO courses taught by Idaho-certified high school teachers. The list of approved BYU IS courses is posted below and include the following:

  • Core subject areas
  • Advanced Placement
  • High-interest electives
  • Courses required for graduation in Idaho

Flexibility and Support

Students who enroll in a BYU IS course benefit from the freedom to complete a semester course at their own pace and with the help of friendly support staff.

  • Open enrollment—anytime, anywhere
  • Generous course length—3–12 months to finish each course
  • Robust variety—Advanced Placement® and high-interest electives
  • Accessibility tools—speech-to-text, translation, highlighting
  • Free tutoring—twice weekly for most courses
  • NCAA approval—for prospective collegiate athletes

Funding for Your Courses

The first step is for the student to talk to their counselor to see if their school has an account with BYU Independent Study. The counselor will know which path the student should take to receive state funding. Schools and Districts: When an Idaho school or district opens a BYU IS purchase order (P.O.) account, the school designee will request funding for students who sign up for overload courses. Your district is then billed directly for courses (three times per year). Setting up a P.O. account is easy—simply call 1-866-741-9144 or email our purchase order team at Individual students: To take a free online overload course, you will need to choose an AO course (listed below), register online, and request reimbursement. Your school counselor can help you submit a reimbursement request. For students seeking Advanced Opportunities overload courses, we offer flexible options!

AO Courses from BYU Independent Study

Advanced Placement

CTE - Career and Technical Education


English Language Arts

Fine Arts

Health and Physical Education

History and Social Science



World Languages

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