All exams must be taken in a proctored setting. All coursework must be completed prior to requesting the final exam, including all other exams. No assignment resubmissions are allowed after the final exam has been requested. All exams must be taken by the course expiration date. You must pass the final exam in order to pass the course. All high school and some university exams can be retaken for a $15 fee.

Proctor: Students must take their exams with a proctor certified at the level of their course or above. Proctors and testing centers must be certified by BYU Independent Study before exams are requested. BYU Independent Study provides a list of individuals and organizations who have elected to proctor BYU Independent Study exams and have been certified by our office. BYU Independent Study does not guarantee the availability of certified proctors. Students are encouraged to contact proctors prior to requesting exams to verify availability, fees, and other policies required by the proctor. Students can visit the Testing page for more information about exam proctoring. Educators will find complete proctor policies via their Proctoring Tests page.

Exam grading: Most exams are graded automatically. Grades for instructor-graded exams should be posted within 10 business days. Paper-based exam answers must be written in pencil on either the bubble sheet or the written response sheet provided with the exam.

Shipping for paper exams: Almost all exams are available in an online format, but some course outcomes require paper-based exams that must be mailed to a local proctor. Paper exams cannot be faxed or emailed. A confirmation email will be sent to the student when a paper exam is mailed. The student is responsible to contact the proctor or testing center to see if an exam has arrived and to set up an exam time. For paper-based exams, standard shipping time is 3–10 business days for shipping within the continental United States. Express shipping may be available for an additional charge. BYU Independent Study is not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail. If the completed exam does not arrive at the BYU Independent Study office, the student must retake the exam in another form. International shipping fees are required for paper exams mailed outside the United States.

A course is considered complete once the original final exam and exam retake, if available, have been graded.

All exams must be completed before the course expiration date.

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