APSPAN 072 is the second course in a two-part series created to prepare students for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam. It fine-tunes language skill and proficiency through engaging experiences and practice. The course is based on the six guiding themes set by the College Board: los desafíos mundiales, la ciencia y la tecnología, la vida contemporánea, las identidades personales y públicas, las familias y las comunidades, and la belleza y la estética. Each unit is centered around one of these themes. Students will conclude the course with a review unit and a practice test structured according to AP testing guidelines. The course provides students with opportunities to exercise the major modalities of the AP test, including interpersonal communication, interpretive reading and listening, presentational speaking and writing, and intercultural competency. Students will analyze data, write for a variety of contexts, give presentations, provide cultural comparisons, and interact in the Conversation Café.