Success Story: Driving Change in Brazil

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Schools located around the world can provide students ages 12–18 with an English-speaking, U.S. curriculum with less setup time and expense than administrators might expect.   

Through a association with BYU IS, a Brazilian educational company, HSE, has been able to provide (1) their students with academic mobility so that they’re prepared to study anywhere in the world, and (2) their staff with professional mobility so they are prepared to work anywhere in the world. 

Maria, an HSE advisor, says that the association has allowed them to use BYU’s curriculum to help students learn course subjects while improving their English language skills. Their goal is to prepare global citizens for a global community. One benefit is that “by using BYU's courses, students do not need to live abroad to experience an American education and to take elective courses in the area of their choice.” 

Maria says that the curriculum has been life-changing: “We have been able to impact small communities in Brazil that we never thought [would] be possible and also serve large communities, like the city of Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. . . . We are preparing these future leaders that will be agents of change in Brazil. We know how much our country needs changes, and this is our driving force. We are preparing these students to be different, to act different, and to have important values in mind and in their hearts when they're doing so.” 

BYU now offers programs to help students worldwide earn a BYU Online High School diploma in addition to the diploma offered by the partnering international institution. These international students can graduate with a dual diploma, “giving them access to advanced, professional, and academic opportunities in the future,” Maria says. 

No matter where your school is located, BYU IS aims to help boost your success and the success of your students. Contact an academic consultant today to see how you can use High School courses to innovate and elevate your offerings and your students' futures. 


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